As we all know, soccer is the most popular sport in the world and the fastest growing sport in the United States of America. Unfortunately, unlike the rest of the world, soccer in this country has been turned into an upper-middle-class sport, making it impossible for children within our communities to stay in the game. Zlatan Ibrahimović, a world-class soccer player from Sweden who once had a contract with a Major League Soccer team in the United States said “First they think about money, then about quality and results. It has to be said that the sport is expensive, costly. For example, for my children to play for a good football team, I have to pay $3,500 per child. It’s not for the figure, but for the whole concept”(Matthew impeller, 2019). Keep in mind that the club fees are often higher than the number mentioned above. EOSA’s mission is to provide the kids of our communities, an opportunity to keep playing the game they love at a very affordable price and ensure that the program is structured, fun, and in a very safe environment. This will allow our children to express themselves in the best possible conditions and develop into the best soccer players and human beings they can possibly be while sticking to our main principles of discipline, hard work, consistency, and dedication.

Here are a list of things that YOUR SOCCER CLUB wishes to accomplish:

● Opportunities to play recreational or competitive soccer Under club directory and partners
● After school weekly training sessions of 1.5 hour (twice a week) with games on Weekends